What to do when your car gets towed?

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Here is a situation that most of us may find ourselves in.  We are out for dinner with a date and the parking lot of the restaurant is full.  You drive around looking for a place to park but just can’t find anything close.  Then, out of the corner of her eye your date spots a small parking lot behind a nearby building.  Taking a moment to consider your options you decide on taking a chance and parking in the lot.  I mean, it isn’t that far of a walk right?  Well, as you leave the parking lot you fail to see the sign that said car towing oklahoma city ok.

You walk to the restaurant and have a lovely dinner not giving the situation a second thought.  As the wine flows and the conversation moves along you are having a great feeling that the night will be perfect.

After paying the bill and thanking the waiter you pull the chair out for your date, stroll to the front door, open it and head out for a leisurely stroll to the car.  The night air is crisp and clean and as you walk towards your car an eerie feeling begins to overcome you.

Turning the corner and walking down the alley you are suddenly hit with utter panic as you see your car gone.  “Was it stolen?  How are we going to get home?”

car towing oklahoma city ok

These and many thoughts run through your mind as the realization of your car being towed away becomes a more likely reality.

When dealing with towing companies they are out to do a job.  They are there to help people when they are stranded on the side of the road, when they are in an accident or when they fail to see the no towing sign posted on a wall.